Tombstone Pillow

A 9-year-old girl gives the Philippines’ wealthiest widow a tour of a graveyard thousands of poor people call home, where she discovers what real riches are.

Under the Bridge

In White River Junction, Vermont, eight people scrape by under a highway bridge. This student-made short documentary tells the story of Matthew, a 57-year-old man who has been homeless for five years. Created by three undergraduate students at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, USA.

Make America Safe

MAKE AMERICA SAFE is a musical send-up of the 2nd Amendment. What if in the next few years citizens were required to carry weapons in order to insure the safety of the public? What if the motto “If everyone is armed there will be no more crime” became the law of the land? This movie musical takes a sardonic look at this possible future. Using the premise of a news commentary show, the film examines the kind of scenarios that could arise in this world. With music composed by Andy Peterson it sheds light on the rationales that could lead to such a future. In the end, it is students who question the validity of rights trumping reason.


Summer is over, and thousands of Sahrawi children who came to Spain with the “Vacaciones en Paz” (“Peaceful Holidays”) program must return to their homes. It’s been three months of adventures, laughter and many emotions. Sadig (“friend” in sahrawi) tells the story of Habub and Marcos, two children who participate in the program and who decide to start a video letter correspondence during the winter. They will recall the stories of the summer, show us the everyday life in the refugee camps and, above all, they will show us how important is the friendship that bounds them together.

White Gold

Mansa, an African woman with albinism has had her arm hacked off by Natron the witch doctor in the name of witchcraft. Robbed of her security, career and dignity, Mansa now hunts Natron in a bid to confront him and seek her revenge. The film stars Africa’s first ever successful model with albinism, Refilwe Modiselle, with an all African supporting cast. There are very few films in the world that feature positive representation of people with albinism and as a result, the film has been widely publicised across Africa. This important story highlights the plight of this vulnerable, outcast group and shines a light on a dark practice which still takes place in parts of Africa today.


A Jewish Holocaust Survivor agrees to be interviewed by an African-American doing research for her grad thesis on REPARATIONS. He cannot grasp any similarity between restitution for descendants of slaves versus those he’s received from Germany. As her questions unearth his secrets the bond between them deepens.

The Honey Makers

1984, North London. Arjun and Lalita, Indian immigrants from Uganda, hardworking and prosperous, create a home in the face of mounting resentment. Will they forever be outsiders forcibly removed like the industrious hive of bees looking for their own piece of England in Arjun and Lalita’s garden?

Something to Give

This film serves as a collective grief ritual. A journey of reckonings and resilience. Experience a celebration of the power of the human heart amid the aftermath of atrocities in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Both survivors and perpetrators, collectively and individually, source forgiveness and peace from within.