Homecoming: Journey to Limuw

Homecoming: Journey to Limuw tells the story of the Chumash people’s annual journey back to their historical village site on Limuw, now present day Santa Cruz Island. Come along as we see, hear, and feel each pull of their paddles, symbolic of how the Chumash people are keeping their traditions alive.


Milad (Boy’s name) abandons home and school to preserve her identity and having nowhere to go, she lives in ruins. Three rapist classmates who are tired of her absence, chase after her in secret and find her in a feminine appearance.

Here Today

A high school girl struggles to find her own identity with a new group of friends and discovers that together, their choices have an impact beyond what they ever imagined. This universally autobiographical tale, written by 16-year-old Meredith Grace Dabney, is a reminder of vulnerability, life’s connections and most importantly that words and actions, however small, affect everyone and everything.


After carrying the burden of misfortune throughout his life, a single father seeks redemption as he raises his son.


One masked dancer threatens the cycle of pursued acceptance met by authoritative rejection when part of her facade falls away and she can truly see.


Finding herself in a state of limbo, an Indian woman revisits her immigration journey and voyages through a tempestuous emotional landscape of memory, identity, belonging and the illusion of the American Dream.

Go Go, Boy!

A boy discovers his fabulousness while dancing in his bedroom.

Kaala (Black)

Not much before, an African student could realise what it meant to be in an alien country, he was already a victim of hatred because of his skin color.