Welcome Back

“WELCOME BACK” takes place in present day Venezuela, and is inspired by a compilation of true stories. The film centers around Rosa and her daughter, Sophie, who have been deported back to the extremely dangerous and communist Venezuela. Prior to leaving Venezuela, Rosa was once an opposition student protestor, an act that is deemed unforgivable by the Venezuelan government. DEEPLY FEARING HER LIFE, Rosa was forced to escape to the United States—but now is being sent back to the country she fled from. After arriving in Venezuela, and managing to obtain an illegal passport, Rosa is able to enter the country, but knows it is TOO UNSAFE FOR HER AND HER DAUGHTER to stay. Rosa and her daughter must find a way to escape to a nearby town in Colombia without getting caught by the Venezuelan government. An insightful short story, inspired by real life events, observing one of the most oppressed countries, while exploring the incredible bond between a mother and her daughter.

Nearest Neighbors

Since 2015, at least 16,000 Venezuelans are confirmed to have fled to Trinidad and Tobago. The twin island republic is of one of the most economically viable options for asylum seekers, yet many are unaware of the reality that is to welcome them. Nearest Neighbours interweaves the stories of four main sets of characters: a journalist; a couple with three young children and their abuela; a woman who is living in a horse stable among other refugees; and a computer engineer turned construction worker and his family. The film explores how these refugees and asylum-seekers navigate their environments daily and work to move their lives forward amidst many unexpected challenges, including rampant xenophobia and a lack of legal rights due to the absence of local refugee legislation.


A pro bono lawyer and her client Soledad fight for Soledad’s right to asylum just as the Trump Administration changes the rules for asylum seekers.This film weaves live action and animation to tell the story of a courageous young woman from Central America who fled gang violence and sought asylum in the U.S., and shows what life is like for those imprisoned in the Eloy Detention Center while they await their day in court.


A short film about a young girl who ends up on the streets because of a gender biased Lebanese citizenship law.

Umbrella Dance for Hong Kong

The Dance Film is concerning the Hong Kong history from 1997 to nowadays. The Hong Kong award-winning screenwriter and director WONG King Fai co-operated with the local top modern dancer and choreographer MUI Cheuk Yin to develop new film language by mixing the dance film with documentary. They were thinking how to develop the new aesthetics of Hong Kong in the times and how to show the courage of Hong Kong people to the world.The story is concerning the revolution history from Hong Kong was took over by Mainland China in 1997, The Umbrella Revolution in 2014, to the Water Revolution nowadays. The structure of the film is consist of three parts. In the first part, Mui discovered the umbrella, which was the symbol of HongKonger’s identity. In the second part, we could see Mui dancing with umbrella surrounded by evil power. And she was defeated by the unequal force. In the third part, Mui waked up to fight for freedom with her umbrella. Even though the evil force is full-gear and well equipped, Mui was not afraid. She was not sure whether the success would be come. But she never give up. She is brave. And the story of fighting for freedom is going on…

The Little Death

The poor anarchist Luigi Lucheni plans to assassinate the Austrian empress Elisabeth. They have never met but seem to be connected by a shared sentiment of frustration and unhappiness. Upon meeting her, he senses their emotional connection. His determination starts to falter. Grateful for their encounter, Elisabeth reciprocates the emotional intimacy. Lost in depression she encourages Luigi with an affectionate look. Reaffirmed in his actions, an almost loving, short touch between Elisabeth and Luigi takes place.

Dedicated to Tehran

At the end of the Iran-Iraq war and in the middle of the nights when Tehran was targeted by Iraqi missiles, Iranian families were thinking of their son who had gone to war.