In a lawless world of finite resources, wearied survivors meet and try to find common ground.

Step Outside

In 2019, several hundred Bay Area residents set out on a 34-mile march to San Francisco, acting as a human billboard to raise climate awareness along a heavily trafficked corridor. Their destination: Wells Fargo’s global headquarters which they plan to shut down over the bank’s role in financing fossil fuels. Step Outside shows how grassroots movements build momentum from individuals who make difficult decisions to take a stand and put their bodies on the line. Their experiences offer insights into the personal impact of activism at a time when remaining on the sidelines seems harder and harder to justify.


Millions of children are engaged in child labour in India, in an increasingly growing number every year. And with that, millions of childhood dreams are never realised as a result of a lack of education. Baitullah is the story of one such child, with a dream, surviving in the maddening metropolis of Mumbai, waiting for someone to notice.

The Runner

The Runner is an emotive and inspiring short film by British Asian actress, writer and director Sunnie Sidhu. The story is centred on Aylam, a Syrian refugee boy who has just arrived alone in London. He has a chance encounter with Nikki, an athlete training for the Olympics living in Hackney. She helps him by encouraging him to train at the track. He is a gifted runner, but faces many personal and political challenges.

Bullets to Books

Jok Abraham Thon has a mission; to heal South Sudan through education and changing the population’s mindset from “Bullets to Books.”

Thoughts and Prayers

To do today: Eat breakfast, go to work/school, get shot. Yawn.

To Serve and Protect

“To Serve and Protect” examines the relationship between Baltimore City Police and citizens with disabilities living in Baltimore, mainly those experiencing a mental outbreak.

There’s No Word For Us

Jen and Erik struggle to get through the worst day of their lives – their daughter’s funeral. The grief becomes too much to bear sending Jen over the edge and on the road by herself where she unexpectedly faces what took her daughters life.


“Say the names of those that have been lost out loud and truly honor those names with action.” Salli was 16 years old at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. What she and her fellow classmates experienced over 20 years ago has left permanent aftershocks that have wreaked havoc on her community. After standing on the sidelines for almost 20 years, she was finally inspired to speak out after becoming a mother and after seeing the new generation of survivors fight in a way she wished she had back in 1999. Now with a renewed sense of purpose, she is no longer afraid to tell her story and to fight towards making a change.